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In his 130m2 workshop equipped with a blowtorch, welding equipment and a machine tool, Didier designes and produces for you made to measure: 
- grills, 
- barriers, 
- portals, 
- balustrades in different styles
In general, all the metal elements of your environment
Local structure enabling me to answer quickly and at reduced costs to your requirements 
I shape untreated and stainless steel, and have the possibility to :
- provide galvanised or painted material
- fix and repaint on the spot
- fix and change your locks

All year long , depending on the season, I have several activities:
- I clear and maintain your green
- I clean and protect the tombs of your ancestors
- I set up, renovate and maintain your channelings and ponds
- I cut down and shape firewood
- I maintain chestnut grove for harvest


Owner : Gigaux Didier

Phone : (+33)6 37 66 52 21
Phone (+33)4 66 42 98 58

Opening period :

All year long

More information :

Please consult for estimates

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