Association Regain

The association REGAIN exists since 1989.
As the Community Center of Saint Frézal de Ventalon, we manage the planning of our community facilities which include the gite, the temple and the comunity room.
We also organise activities such as :
- CHORALE JACOPHONIE on Tuesdays led by Jacques Hugon
- Atelier Théâtre Hebdomadaire animated by Julie. For children from 6 years old
- Cinema: in partnership with the Association Cinéco.
- Every 2 weeks on Wednesdays from 6 to 7pm Delivery: LIVRAISON DE L’ECORELAIS
The association Ecorelais supplies organic food to its partisans and l'école des Abrits of Saint Frézal de Ventalon.

Owner : ENJALBERT - LECLERCQ Stéphanie

Website : Cliquez ici

Address of the accomodation : Les Cessenades 48240 Saint Frézal de Ventalon
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