L'esperluette is an association that invests a major part of its time into two educational sectors: music and books

This association has for main goal to give access to learning and widen music taste with lessons and shows (entertainments), proposed at reduced costs.

It also enables you to access to the library of Saint Hilaire de Lavit :
Every first Saturday of the month from 3.00pm to 6.00pm, located on the city hall place
Many books are available: novels, BD, children's books, Treaties and documents about environment and ecological practices.

It also proposes events on subjects like garden, ecoconstruction, water...

Owner : L'Eperluette association
Le Veyrassi
48160 Saint Hilaire de Lavit
Phone : (+33)9 72 25 86 65

Address of the accomodation : Le Veyrassi 48160 Saint Hilaire de Lavit

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