The local markets

The local markets:

Grand Combe: Every wednesday and saterdaymorning throughout the year

Genolhac : Every saterday morning throughout the year from 7 am untill 13pm

Chamborigaud : Every Sundaymorning throughout the year from 7am untill 13 pm

Our nigntmarkets: Génolhac, Place du Colombier, in july and august on wednesday evening from 6pm untill 23 pm.

Pont de Montvert: Every wednesday from june untill september from 7am untill 13 pm

Bessèges: every thurstday morning

Gagnières: every wednesdaymorning

Collet de dèze: july and august: thusday morning

Saint Germain de Calberte: july and august: saterday morning

Saint Ambroix: every tuesdaymorning

Les Vans: every saterdaymorning

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