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The territory of the cevennes will surpise you with his diversity of landscapes ! 

A land of tradtion, know-how and history, the Cevennes offer a remarkable natural dimension. Nature is both beautiful and unruly.

This mountain landscape in the south of France is interspersed by deep valleys representative of the relationship between humans and the natural environment.

This is the land of shale an furrowed valleys, steep rocks, abruptly downward sloping contours, a great many of which run into streams and torrents; This is also the land of scrub, beech forests, fir plantations, oak groves and above all chestnut groves;

Land of winding roads, the Cévennes are packed with pituresque tours with unrestricted views and admirable sites.

To the West, the majestic granite barrier of mont lozere provides a contrast with its "bald"peaks and the gentleness of its contours. Reffered to as the "mountain of springs", it peaks at an altitude of 1700m.

route des cevennes vue
brebis on the mount lozere

From the 1st of May till the first of October 2015

Callendar of events region Bessèges

Around the region of Bessèges

From July 1st to August 31th

Exposure: Lighting Cévennes

Génolhac - National Park House

Monday, August 31th - 15:00

Farm visit: brewery "La Castagne Cévenole"


Monday, September 14th - 15:00

Farm visit: brewery "La Castagne Cévenole"


Saturday, September 19th

A sound and light in Puits Ricard

La Grand'Combe

From September 26th to September 27th

Ceps Feast