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A land of history

A land of history, Cevennes mont lozere is rich in memories :

From the prehistorical period, the middle ages until the Reform and camisard war, many sites and traces show the deep marks history left : menhirs, castels, chapels, Maltees crosses, protestants churches, remains of the 19th century mines, local architecture and small villages are all part of this region 's charm.

The national park preserves a rich and diverse vernacular architecture, whose very specific styles depend on the bedrock (granite, limestone, schist..). Many hamlets have also kept their small heritage constructions : breadovens, mills, crosses, old farms, traditional water-management systems..

This territory, historically a borderland and a zone of confrontation, transit and trade, enjoys a unique position south of the massif central that partly explains the abundance of its heritage, and the undoubted attraction that it has. The Cevennes, while essentially rural, nonetheless have a significant and relativily dense religious and defensive architectural heritage.


castel of Brebis

castel of Portes

maltese cross