Robert Louis Stevenson Trail

"avant garde" Hiker

On september 1878, the young Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson left Le-Monestier-Sur- Gazeille (Haute Loire) with donkey Modestine; Twelve days, two-hundred-and -twenty kilometres and many adventures later, he arrived at Saint Jean du Gard.

He had two reasons for that trip: to recover from the return to America of Fanny Osbourne (whom he would eventuelly marry a few years later), and to discover the land of the Protestants Camisards on the mount Lozere...

His book entitled "travels with a donkey in the Cevennes" largely inspired by his travel diary was published in 1879, followed a few years later by the famous "treasure island" and " The strange case of Dr. jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

This book has made it possible to trace his route, which has since become the Stevenson Trail ( GR70, Le chemin de Stevenson).

This marked public hiking trail enables walkers to follow in the footsteps of the Francophile Scottish adventurer.

Trip organisation

Whether you decide to walk the whole way or only a few stages, make sure you plan your trip well in advance!

A brochure created by "the Stevenson association" aims to give you all the necessary information so you can plan your trip to suit your wishes, either by organising it yourself or by using the skills and experience of a professional.

brochure availabel in the tourist offices and the Stevenson association or

On your own or accompanied, as a group, as a family, on foot, in the company of a donkey, on a mountainbike or on horseback...there are so many different ways to discover the Stevenson trail!

GR70 stevenson track