Ingo Nature

Ingo-Nature was born in 2013 in the heart of the Cévennes. It stems from the meeting of Brigitte Longuevergne and Clémentine Lemaître. Thanks to her creations, they share their social and enviromental concerns, their savoir-faire and their passion! 

During spring 2013, they created a chic and relaxed clothing line, made of noble and natural materials: French wool, Chinese silk, organic and GOTS or OEKO certified cotton and linen.

The coloration of clothes comes from plants gathered in the nature or at the crop. 

The clothes manufacture is entirely man-made, without any subcontracting. everything is conceived and fashioned by hand in the workshop. Clothes series have few items. These are unique or sur-mesure clothes. 

Owner : LEMAÎTRE Clémentine
48 240 Saint André de Lancize
Phone : 06 67 10 40 90
Phone 04 66 45 54 67
Website : Cliquez ici

Address of the accomodation : Valmalle 48 240 Saint André de Lancize

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