Basketry in chestnut wood

Manufacturing of baskets with chestnut splints.

Trainings in the workshop for basketry: come and discover an ancient craft: basketmaker farmer !

Serge Bruguière will explain how the wood can be chosen, how to turn it into proper raw material (steaming, resplit). this stage is important as this wood will be the only material used to create your basket.

5-to-7-day Trainings:

From November to March.
Manufacturing of your basket from A to Z: choice of the wood, learning of the gestures and manufaturing of your own basket.The materials are supplied, your accommodation is however your responsibility

You can also visit his farm and discover his work and products.  

Owner : BRUGUIÈRE Serge
La Croix Blanche,
48160 Saint Martin de Boubaux
Phone : (+33)4 66 45 49 66
Phone (+33)6 62 23 77 14

Tarifs :

Farm visit: €6 per person

More information :

His products are certified AB and Ecocert.

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