Cevennes Evasion

Cévennes écotourisme Asso Stevenson

Canyoning, canoeing, Via Corda, Mountain biking, hiking... 

Peaceful or sportive discovery, little groups will be able to enjoy a large scale of plain nature activities, for children as well as adult.

Under the Earth, in the Water or in the Air, each of the activities are practised in respect of the environement of men and nature.

Group activities, families, individuals 1/2 day, week end... Seminars organisation and multisports raids.


member of the "European Sustainable Tourism Charter"

Owner : Bertrand Leloup et Philippe Blanchet

Phone : 04 66 45 18 31
Phone 06 76 30 31 84
Fax : 04 66 32 71 35
Website : Cliquez ici

Opening period :

All year

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