Aven Armand cave

Aménagé pour les handicapés   ANCV   Parking   3 étoiles Qualité Tourisme Sud de France

A wonderful site

Discovered on the Méjean Causse on September 17, 1897 by Louis ARMAND, this marvellous site is exploited since June 11, 1927.

A historical jewel

After a descent by funicular allowing easy access, the visit of the Aven Armand, brings you to more than 100 meters under ground to discover one of the purest jewels in the history of humanity.

Unique in the world

Impassioned guides will make you admire, thanks to a setting in light with changing effects, the Virgin forest and its 400 stalagmites, unique in the world. You will never forget the Palm tree, the Turkey, Draperies, the Jellyfish, the Cauliflower, the Jaw of the Tiger.... and of course the largest stalagmite known to date in the world which from its 30 meters height, shines and scintillates like a diamond.

The great room

A unique room, fairy-like, which by its dimensions could accommodate Notre Dame of Paris.

Owner : Aven Armand
48150 Meyrueis
Phone : 04 66 45 61 31
Phone 06 79 90 60 58
Website : Cliquez ici

Opening period :

The cave of Aven Armand is open from March 26 to November 4  every day.
Length of the visit : 45 minutes.

10h - 12h and 13h30 - 17h

Tarifs :
Adults 11,50 €
Youngsters (15 to 20) 8,60 €
Children (5 to 15) 7,50 €
Tariffs Partners Adults 14,60 €
Tariffs Partners Youngsters (15 to 20) 11,20 €
Tariffs Partners Children (5 to 15) 9,50 €

More information :

Once the funicular has taken you down 60 meters below ground, you end up on a platform from which you can enjoy full view of the cave. The visit is accessible up to that platform to people with reduced mobility.

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