"Le Vallon du Villaret" recreation center for all

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What is it ?


Coming in this nature vale you might just encounter …enchantment. Surprise with the amazing creations of residing artists, spread over 10 acres of park ; discoveries with the contemporary art works on exhibition in the sweet coolness of a magnificent XVI th century tower ; laughing out with funny games of sounds, sights , touching and hearing, invented by artists and “planted” along a course in nature for you to enjoy and wonder. To make a long story short, three hours of sheer pleasure where everything around will warmly invite you to prick up your ears, watch, touch, move…in nature’s “artbeat” . Here is what this surprising leisure park is hiding, mixing in harmony since 1993 nature, contemporary art and games, far from traditional leisure parks. A small paradise for 5 senses, from 2 to 77, that many call an amazing contemporary garden. It is recommended in all tourist guides. Hurry up to its discovery !

In Le Vallon all practical information is provided in French, English and German.

Owner : Sonnet Guillaume
Le Vallon du Villaret
48190 Bagnols les Bains
Phone : 04 66 47 63 76
Website : Cliquez ici

Address of the accomodation : Le Vallon du Villaret 48190 Bagnols les Bains

Opening period :

Opening schedule : 
From the beginning of the French School Easter Holidays until end of June, Le Vallon is open every day from 10.30 A.M. to 6.45P.M. entrance allowed until 4.30 P.M.

In July and August Le Vallon is open every day from 10 A.M. to 6.45P.M. entrance allowed until 4.30 P.M.

From September to the end of the French School All-Saints Holidays (beginning of November), Le Vallon is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM to 6 P.M. - entrance is allowed until 4 P.M. - and every day of the week during the French School All-Saints Holidays.

The site is less crowded in the Springtime than during the summer and in all seasons there are less visitors in the morning than in the afternoon.

Tarifs :

Fees : 
Free of charge for all children smaller than one meter high, accompanied by their parents 
Children : 2 rates according to the period

White period July and August. Before 1 PM :11,5 Euro 
After 1 PM :12 Euro
  Blue period April, May, June, September, October and All Saints Day (November 1) Before 1 PM : 9,5 Euro 
After 1 PM 13 h : 10 Euro

Adults : At Vallon du Villaret, adults are considered as grown-up kids, they pay the same price as children, they can have just as much fun and you (can) bet that’s what they do !

Group - Minimum 10 people

White period July and August 10 Euro/personne Blue period April, May, June, September, October and All Saints Day (November 1) 8,5 Euro/personne

More information :

How long does the visit last ? The loop is the 2 km long and it will take you around 3 hours to discover its treasures.. 
Your visit : Dogs are not allowed. Do not pick flowers or mosses. Baby pushchairs cannot pass through the trail. Babies are welcome when they are carried. Swimming is forbidden. 
The "Auberge" (The inn) If you are a little hungry or very thirsty. 
Pique-nique Picnics are not allowed in the Vallon itself, but they are before entering the tour (150 seats) or, at mid-distance, around the inn. 
The boutique Games, art and nature. A splendid collection of books and artefacts.

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