Farm House "La Ferme de la Baraque"

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Characteristic farmhouse with traditional cultures decks, arbors and vines hedgerow parks for animals, while organic (AB and Nature & Progress) for 35 years (second generation). Applied Ecology daily: 1 / 2ha of gardens and orchards, a few animals.

Home reservation, wild countryside and peasant. Camping 6 empl. (1 tipi 1 caravan), toilet block with dry toilets. 2 rooms with private bathrooms and access to kitchen, table Peasant Home: half board at 79 € for 2 people. Organic cuisine, colorful and flowery gardens outcome. Comfort and ethics and joyful sobriety.


Owner : Nivon Jonas
La Baraque
30 450 Aujac
Phone : 04 66 61 12 77
Website : Cliquez ici

Address of the accomodation : La Baraque 30 450 Aujac

Opening period :

Open from july 1st to august 31th.

Tarifs :

22€ / adult all included (wine, coffee...) and from 6€ / child

More information :


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