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Lou Palet

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Located on the main road between Les Vans and Villefort, Lou Palet Farm will amaze you with its beautiful natural setting and the unique panorama of its location. This small family farm offers its Farm table where you can enjoy our products as well as other local products. At the Gourmet Boutique, you will find our productions mainly based on chestnut and our fruit juice, honey, syrups, jams and chocolate. gluten-free product line. Manufacturing 100% organic and home. Reservations, you can visit our Biscuits and Chocolate Factory.

La Ferme Lou Palet: not to miss!

Owner : Jean Pierre Amissano
Lou Palet
30 450 Malons et Elze
Phone : 09 87 55 88 02
Phone 06 27 47 20 53
Website : Cliquez ici

Address of the accomodation : Lou Palet 30 450 Malons et Elze

Opening period :

Open every weekend from 9am to 18pm from April to May and every day from June to August from 9am to 18pm.

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