Hotel "La Lozerette"

Animaux acceptés   Aménagé pour les handicapés   ANCV   Jardin   Parking   TV   Wifi   2 étoiles Cévennes écotourisme

"If the garden of Eden existe, it is in the Tarn valley which comes down on Florac." R.L. Stevenson.

It's in this green setting that this charming estate will seduce you with the quietness and well being that it generates.

Its "Lozerot" Table will excalte you both in terms of flavour and of dining experience. The wine list with a large assortment of wines will contribute at to this gastronomic pleasure.

20 rooms , "2 étoiles"

Pets only allowed in the hotel.

Owner : Agulhon Pierrette
48400 Cocurès
Phone : 04 66 45 06 04
Website : Cliquez ici
Number of room(s) : 20

Opening period :

From april to november. Hôtel open every day.

Restaurant closed tuesday and wednesday. Tuesday evening only for hôtel residents ( except july and august)


Tarifs :

20 rooms "2 étoiles", 
2 pers from 65€ to 100€, 
½ pension from 61€ to 109€.
Breakfast from 9.50€ to 15.50€ 

Pets allowed : 6€
Garden, parking.

More information :

Pets not allowed in the restaurant.
Diningservice hours 12h-12h30 / 19h-21h15.

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